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Classical Musicians

Classical musicians always add an air of romance and tradition to any wedding ceremony music. There are several different musical styles of classical music you may want to consider in selecting music for your South Florida wedding ceremony. Pieces such as “Canon in D Major” by Pachelbel is arguably the most popular processional music for weddings.

A harpist with a flute player, (referred to as a “flautist”) are among the most popular instrumentation, often with the addition of a cellist. String quartets, trios, Woodwind quintets and brass choirs are sometimes used for dramatic effect.

Band Musicians Offer Flexibility

Many ceremonies are also performed by the keyboardist and woodwind player from the band that will play dance music at the reception. These musicians can perform classical pieces using orchestral sounds, in addition to the flautist.

They can then switch to jazz piano and sax for the cocktail hour, in contrast to the ceremony music. It can also be more cost effective to use the band musicians at your South Florida wedding ceremony.


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