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For most weddings the band is in formal attire; tuxedos for the men and cocktail dresses for the ladies. However, often clients find other, less formal wear is more appropriate. Be sure to specify if you wish for the band to wear something other than “Tuxedo attire”. Also make sure to specify if any “theme” related attire is requested.

Expect us to arrive a minimum of TWO hours before the band start time. Earlier setups can be obtained per quote. We sometimes set up in neat and venue-appropriate clothing, but not in our formal wear.

In general, Manhattan Music asks that you submit the Information Sheet provided to you on booking, (or downloadable from Final Details section of this site), about six weeks prior to your event. We will then schedule a phone conference where you and the bandleader will begin to discuss the specifics of your event. Also, please feel free to contact us at any time with any of your questions, details or concerns.

The songlist represents the most “popular” or well known songs that the band plays, and does not list EVERY song the band knows. If you do not see a few of your favorite songs, you can ask to see if we know them. If there is a song we do not know that you want played as one of the special/important songs at your event, we will learn it.

This request must be made a minimum of four weeks before your function. Also, if we cannot easily locate it, you must provide a CD recording of the song and/or sheet music.

(What about overtime?)
Our standard package gives you four hours of continuous music. Also, all of our agreements have a stipulation for overtime,which is priced per additional half hour of time. If you are not planning a four hour event, you can call us and we will help customize a package according to your specific needs.

A sound technician, professional sound system and stage lighting are all included in our package. The musicians perform with a volume controlled amplifier and are experienced performers who have played hundreds of events, both boisterous and intimate. We will compensate for the room and crowd size in order to create a comfortable ambiance.

If elderly people are in attendance, it is generally a good idea to seat them at a table away from where the music will be performed, so that hearing aids don’t pick up “feedback.” Music during cocktail hour and dinner will always be enjoyable and conducive to conversation. If for any reason the music is still too loud, it is always okay to request that the volume be reduced.

A meal is expected, and appreciated, if the musicians are hired through dinner. Banquet coordinators and catering companies are used to this service, and are always happy to set something aside as a “employee/vendor meal” at your request. It is also appreciated if non-alcoholic beverages and/or water are provided to the musicians.

When you are ready, we will draft up an agreement with initial details for your special day. The signed agreement and a $1,500 deposit will be required in order to save the date. The remaining balance is split up into two payments, one due 90 days prior to the wedding date and the other due on the day of your wedding.

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