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South Florida Wedding Band Plays Non-Stop!

“The music makes the wedding.”

When talking about a South Florida wedding band, you’ll hear this phrase in a lot of different places, from a lot of different people. This is considered conventional wisdom in the wedding industry as well as by most”party mavens” in the know.

I would even take it a step further and say, “FUN makes the wedding;” which increases dramatically once you hit the dance floor, and which is primarily a function of your music. That’s why the selection of your wedding band is a critical choice.

“When’s the Band Coming Back?”
These are the words you’ll hear when you hire a band that does not perform continuous music. This does not mean that all the South Florida wedding musicians are onstage for four hours nonstop, but that any breaks taken by its members are staggered and coordinated

with the food service so that the full band is onstage dancing your guests between courses, and there are one to three musicians on stage playing background music for dining. Sort of a “skeleton crew.”

Some bands put CDs on and take a 15 to 20 minute break every hour. This is usually timed so that there are breaks throughout the evening, and they play their last set to end at the appointed time.

In this scenario, the band frequently is not coordinating with the food service, and may find themselves playing during dining, and taking their scheduled breaks while people are at their seats in between courses.

This of course prompts the quick glance at the watch and the dreaded question, “when’s the band coming back?” It can put a serious damper on the party which is hard to recover from. It is hard to get momentum on the dance floor and keep the energy going when the band takes these scheduled periodic breaks.

Having a wedding band for your South Forida wedding that plays in continuous music style is very important to the success of the party. Coordinating music for dining or dancing with the catering staff is important for everybody to have the maximum fun at your wedding!

Party On!
Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your new life together, and my wish is for your wedding party to be the best party of your life and tons of fun for you and your guests!

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