Why Choose Manhattan Music?

Who makes the best pizza in town?

I know it’s an odd way to begin an article to try and convince you why Manhattan Music may be your best choice when it comes to music for your event, but stick with me for a minute here, and it will become clear.

We’ve all seen pizza boxes that all make the claim to be the best in town. Probably every one of them. They never seem to say why…

Same thing with bands. “The best party band in South Florida!” “We sound the best, sing the best”… basically emphasizing the talents of the musicians and singers. Now, showcasing the talents of our local musicians is always a good thing.

However, what most bands are NOT talking about, is that our main job is to create a magnificent and fun event for you and your guests, and not give a great “concert.” Different set of skills.

That’s why the video footage you’ll see on this website is all live at events, so you can see how we can make the party happen for you and your guests. No staged, “lip-synced” studio track “music video” style demo to dazzle you, just authentic performances workin’ the crowd on the dance floor – and having fun doing it!

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Howard Stuart, and I’ve been performing at weddings and special events as bandleader, lead guitarist and vocalist of my group, Manhattan Music for over two decades in the South Florida area. I was doing the same in New York City prior to that, before I developed the Manhattan Method and took it to South Florida. I have played over 2000 weddings and event in my group is been recommended by most of the top venues in the area for years.

This experience gives me the benefit of working a wide range of crowds, made up of all different age ranges, tastes and styles. I know what works at any given moment.


If there’s anything I could call a “special sauce,” it would be my unique skills as a bandleader, intuitively knowing what to play and when, to maximize the energy and fun at every event.

You could say I’m the quarterback calling the plays on the dance floor, and the band is my team. 😉

The Manhattan Method

It’s more of a combination of approaches that make up the “Manhattan Method,” rather than a singular technique.

Part of it is my skill set is a bandleader, as described above.

A large part of it is keeping the music going for the entire evening, using a Continuous Music program.

When the guests are sitting for a course, we leave two or three musicians on stage to perform background music while they dine. Then I swap them out for two others, again playing background music.

Then I bring back the rest of the band, and the guests are rated dance in between courses. This keeps the energy flowing, and avoids the dreaded lull in the party while everyone awaits the band’s return from a break.

When background music and dancing music is not coordinated with the food service, you run the risk of the band having a break while the guests are ready to dance, and the band returning as the next courses served.

Crowd interaction is also part of the mix. We get off the stage and perform on the dance floor with your guests. Always creates magic moments on the floor!

We also bring a sound technician along to make sure the music’s not too loud for conversation. He also runs the lighting on stage, to help set the mood for the music. (It’s all included)

Authentically Reproduce Almost ANY Style of Music

As you can hear in our live videos [https://manhattanmusic.com/band-videos], we pride ourselves on being musical chameleons… Shift gears from Sinatra to Beyoncé, Motown to disco or Latin to Jewish!

We also embrace the latest technology to produce sounds and effects used in the original recordings.

And then there’s “old-school” horn arrangements for the jazz and swing tunes, as well as Motown and funk.

This flexibility also enables us to do a great job or theme parties [https://manhattanmusic.com/themed-events], where we can create the flavor of the theme, and then switch it up to popular dance music when the time comes.

We Customize Every Detail of Your Event

Every event is different, especially when it’s a highly personalized event like a wedding.

You want it to reflect your taste, delight your friends and family, thrill your crowd and create those magical moments, both fun and romantic, that will live on in your memories for a lifetime.

It’s a big part of what we do. We suggest songs, learn songs, accommodate any special happenings at the party to make your event special and unique. It is our honor to perform for you.

So, is Manhattan Music the “Best” band for your event?

I’ll let you decide…

But don’t just take MY word for it… You can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes in the testimonials past clients gave me! [https://manhattanmusic.com/video-reviews]

Read reviews all over the web from people who have had us for all types of events! [https://manhattanmusic.com/see-reviews]

I look forward to “making magic” at your next event!


Howard Stuart