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South Florida Wedding Ceremony Musicians; Making The Right Choice

Selecting the best musicians and musical pieces for your wedding ceremony in South Florida can either create magical moments, or put a damper on your perfect day. What follows are some suggestions and pitfalls to avoid in selecting your wedding ceremony musicians.

Hire the Pros
Performing a wedding ceremony requires professionalism and a musical timing that many students have yet to attain.

In performing music during the wedding procession, the musicians must be able to time the music’s tempo, start, ending, as well as be able to go into a “holding pattern” if necessary to accommodate the length and pace of the ceremony processional.

They must also be able to create a musically dramatic moment upon the entrance of the bride. This moment is amongst the most memorable at any wedding ceremony, and must be well-executed for maximum effect.

Classical Musicians Can Add Traditional Flair
Classical musicians always add an air of romance and tradition to any wedding ceremony. Not only the sound of a classical ensemble, but the look is very classy.

A harpist with a flute player, (referred to as a “flautist”) are among the most popular instrumentation, often with the addition of a cellist. String quartets, trios, Woodwind quintets and brass choirs are sometimes used for dramatic effect.

If you are considering this option, be sure to budget between $500-$1,200 for a small group.

Band Musicians Offer Flexibility
Many ceremonies are also performed by the keyboardist and woodwind player (sax and flute) from the band that will play dance music at the reception. These musicians is can perform classical pieces using high quality orchestral sounds from the keyboard, in addition to the flautist.

They can then switch to jazz piano and sax for the cocktail hour, and play standards, pop tunes and show music in contrast to the ceremony repertoire. It can also be more cost effective to use the band musicians at the ceremony.

Can You Hear Me Now? Musicians and Amplification
Depending on the size of the crowd, as well as the setting (indoors or outdoors for example), the musicians may be required to amplify their instruments to be heard. Many harpists have an elaborate system of contact microphones installed on their instruments, while many violinists and cellists use a clip-on microphone strategically placed.

The keyboardist and sax/flute players from the band will usually bring a portable amplifier to perform the ceremony and cocktail hours. In the event they need to provide a microphone for the officiant, sometimes a small PA (public address) system is used.

Make sure that amplification is available, should it be needed.

How To Audition The Musicians
South Florida wedding musicians can be auditioned via audio CD, video or from a website if the audio quality is good. If you go with the band musicians, make sure you hear some samples of their ceremony performance to make sure the sounds are professional, and they have the ability to play the classical music authentically.

It is very difficult to go to someone else’s wedding ceremony to hear them in person, so recommendations by music companies or wedding planners can be helpful in your decision. Be aware that sometimes these wedding professionals may make a commission on their recommendations, so educate yourself as to the reputation of the person you’re taking advice from.

In Summary
1. Hire the professionals.

2. Decide on Classical groups, or band musicians

3. Make sure amplification is available.

4. Audition via CD or the web

5. Get expert opinions

Selecting the perfect musicians for your ceremony can be fun and exciting, and should always include industry pros to assist in making the right choice for your needs and desires. Having wonderfully talented musicians perform for your ceremony can create a magical experience you and your guests will long remember.

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