wedding ceremonyArriving at your wedding ceremony in style is every girls dream. However, unless your Father is a Third World dictator or an Estate Agent, your choice of transport to the church or wedding venue will be determined by many important factors such as: cost what you have always dreamed of having cost practicability cost distances to travel cost the theme of the wedding cost the colour scheme of the wedding and last, but no means least…cost! However, let’s be serious. Although cost is obviously a factor for anyone, when it comes to weddings, it may not be “the” most important factor. For example, a bride may be willing to stretch her budget to pay more for a Pink Cadillac simply because it matches the colour scheme for the wedding. So, because aspirations and emotions are also involved in the decision-making …

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wedding musicians/>Choosing the right style of music When selecting a band for your wedding reception you should think about atmosphere. Do you want a party atmosphere for dancing or would you prefer more background music to allow more conversation? For the party atmosphere, most people like the band to play “a bit of everything” from the 50s to present day to suit the wide age ranges of wedding guests. Professional wedding bands tend to have a wide repertoire of music and can normally adapt well to suit any wedding reception. Jazz bands are very popular for providing music at a wedding reception. They can add an extra touch of class to your wedding. To select the right band for your event consider the taste of your guests, their age range and whether they would like to dance, listen to the music or a mixture of …


wedding ceremonylimdin asked: I have a choice between OR for our upcoming wedding in winter. It will be a small wedding of about 50 people. I like them both. It is for both ceremony and reception on the same evening. Can you help me decide which jazz trio to go for?

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Wedding receptionI’m trying to figure out timing for everything. How long does a wedding reception usually go for?

wedding musicWhen the party’s over, the guests have all gone home, and all the thank you cards have been sent out… what do you think your guests will remember most? The food? The flowers? The cake? None of the above.They’ll remember if they had a fantastic time at the wedding, which is directly related to how much time they spend on the dance floor!This is one of the most important benefits of having a great band for your South Florida wedding music. Not only must the music be great, but you must have a bandleader that knows how to get people on the dance floor and keep them there!You could have the greatest musicians on the planet at your wedding, but if they’re not playing the right music at the right time, the dance floor will be empty. That’s a concert, not …